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 Welcome to the website of the LinguaPRO Translation Agency

The Lingua PRO Translation Agency was established by professional translators and interpreters with extensive experience and over ten years in the business. Our primary objective is to provide an outstandingly high-quality service in the area of translation and interpreting.

Professional communication

"Professional communication" means more than mere translation and interpreting. In addition to the core service, we focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. The goal of Lingua PRO is to be a long term, reliable partner. The key to our success is:

Competence in language and trade +
higher education degrees in the area of translation + our considerable professional experience

This combination guarantees a high level service in terms of linguistics, style and trade expertise. Our associates are experienced translators and interpreters who primarily translate to their native language and have higher education degrees in their respective area of expertise in addition to their certificates as professional translators and interpreters.

What does professional communication mean for you?

- absolute accuracy in the interpretation of the source language,
- precision in content and style as well as creativity in reconstructing the text in the target language.

Experience the benefits of professional communication in translation and interpreting