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Translation, interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, proofreading


A high-quality translation of foreign language documents in terms of content and style is of utmost importance in economic, legal, technical, scientific and other areas. In addition, a professional translation generates direct economic benefit, saving time, energy and money with the seamless translated text being directly applied for the purpose intended.

Translation areas:
  • Economic texts
  • Technical texts and documentation
  • Legal texts, contracts and documents
  • Essays, studies, analyses
  • Marketing texts
  • Official correspondence
  • Tender documents
  • Press releases
  • Website text


In our globalizing world, communication and linguistic transmission is of increasing importance. Within the interlinked and international network structures, the last hindrance is often posed by language barriers, which our professional interpreters can help to eliminate in the categories below:

Escorting interpreting

In an escorting assignment, the interpreter escorts a person or group and assists their communication between the foreign language and their own.

Consecutive interpreting

"Consecutive" is a word of Latin origin, meaning "following one another". The interpreter translates the speaker’s words by sentences or idea units. Consecutive interpreting is applied in cases of formal business meetings, training sessions or presentations.

Simultaneous interpreting

It is the most demanding form of interpreting, which sets the highest professional and psychological requirements. The interpreter listens to the speaker in a closed booth via headphones and continuously interprets his words into a microphone.


Proofreading is what makes a perfect translation shine. Upon request, we also do proofreading of texts from the aspects of linguistics as well as the given profession. The point of such a service is that yet another pair of critical eyes reviews the final translation so that it represents the highest possible level of quality in terms of content and register. You may find it worthwhile to have your texts proofread if they require outstanding accuracy and/or are published (media, website, case studies, marketing and promotion materials, etc.)


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