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Contract Terms and Conditions

The provisions laid out in these General Contract Conditions pertain to any contractual relations established between LinguaPRO Translation Agency (hereinafter: Translation Agency) and its customers (hereinafter: Customer). By signing the Order Form, the Customer accepts the General Contract Conditions.


All services that result in an electronic or paper-based recording of a target-language translation from a source-language text recorded on an electronic or paper data carrier shall be considered as written translation. All services that result in an oral translation (communicated directly or via electronic means) into the target language of an orally generated source-language text shall be considered as oral interpreting. The verification of texts made by the Translation Agency or other translation agencies by comparing the source-language text and the target-language text based on linguistic accuracy and style, together with the requirements of a living language as well as checking the terms used in the translated text based on the terminology applied in the particular industry, shall be considered as proofreading.

Service fees

Translation and interpreting fees (commonly referred to as: service fees) shall be set on the basis of the currently valid rates of the Translation Agency. In addition to the service fees, additional fees shall be charged in certain cases (urgency, proofreading, editing fee, or overtime fee in case of oral interpreting). For written translations, the service fee is calculated on the basis of the number of characters in the source text. If this number cannot be identified (e.g.: translation of an audio recording or a text in non-electronic format), then the Parties agree on calculating the service fee based on the number of characters in the target text. In such cases, the written bid serves informational purposes only; the accurate service fee in such case can only be set on the basis of the final translation. Proofreading services shall be charged based on the current rate card of the Translation Agency, the number of characters in the source text being the basis for calculation. For oral interpreting, the basis for calculation is the actual time assigned to fulfilling the interpreting task, which includes (in the case of assignments outside Budapest or abroad) the time needed for travelling, coffee or lunch breaks. The interpreter’s travelling and accommodation expenses shall be covered by the Customer.

Payment terms

In case of cash payment, the Customer shall pay the invoice issued regarding the services of the Translation Agency upon receiving the invoice. In case of wire transfer, the Customer shall pay within 8 (eight) days after receiving the invoice. In the case of exceptionally large orders, the Translation Agency is entitled to request partial payment from the Customer. In such cases, the manner and scheduling of partial payment shall be stipulated in a special agreement. Depending on how the partial invoices are paid, the Translation Agency has the right to withhold and/or suspend the fulfilment of the remaining part of the order. This condition applies to such orders placed by the Customer, for which the Parties have already agreed upon a particular date of delivery. In case of overdue payment, the Customer shall also pay a default interest which equals twice the currently valid basic interest rate of the Central Bank.

Withdrawal of order

In case of withdrawing a written translation order, the Customer shall pay the fee for the services completed up to the time of withdrawal. For oral interpreting, the Customer may withdraw the order 3 working days prior to the start date at the latest without any payment obligations. If the order is withdrawn within 3 days before the start date,, the Customer shall pay 50% of the estimated service fee (in the case of a 1-day or shorter assignment), or the service fee for the first day of the assignment (in the case of multiple-day assignments).

Cooperation and information obligations for the Customer

Upon signing the order, the Customer shall inform the Translation Agency regarding any special form-related requirements (use of data carriers, number of copies, external form of the translation, etc), which shall be specified on the Order Form in writing. The Customer shall also hand over any information or documents needed for the translation (vocabulary of special terms used by the Customer, charts, figures and abbreviations, etc.) to the Translation Agency without any special notice or request from the Translation Agency, upon signing the order. If the Customer requires the Translation Agency to use a particular terminology, they shall inform the Translation Agency accordingly upon handing over the necessary support documents. The same applies to requests regarding the use of certain language variations. The Customer is solely responsible for the linguistic and professional accuracy of the source text. Any damage caused by failure to meet the provisions above shall be borne by the Customer.


The Customer is entitled to raise complaints regarding the service of the Translation Agency within 8 days after delivery. Quality complaints and warranty claims shall be dispatched to the Translation Agency in writing along with proper evidence and documentation. The Translation Agency must be given time and opportunity to correct actual translation errors. If the Customer refuses to do so, or assigns a third party to correct the errors, the Translation Agency shall be exempted from its correction obligations. If the Translation Agency executes the correction within the timeframe set by the Customer, the Translation Agency is entitled to the full amount of the service fee billed. No warranty can be claimed in the case of translating hand-written or hard-to-read documents as well as illegible or unintelligible texts. A text is considered hard to read if it contains, for the most part, charts, formulae, indexes or a different alphabet (e.g. Latin or Cyrillic) needs to be applied while writing the text. Stylistic corrections (modifications) and special professional terms (especially trade terms or internal terms created by the Customer) cannot be considered as translation errors unless the Customer communicates such terms to the Translation Agency upon placing the order. If the Customer orders the translation as urgent but without proofreading, it necessarily renders the Translation Agency unable to conduct its usual, high-quality control procedure. In such cases, the Translation Agency does not bear responsibility for potential inaccuracies in the translation, although it conducts its service with utmost care and attention. If the Customer orders the translation without proofreading, the Customer acknowledges that potential stylistic differences shall not be considered as translation errors.


The Translation Agency shall bear responsibility for the damage caused by the Translation Agency only. The extent of damages payable shall amount to the billed value of the order.

Confidentiality clause

The Translation Agency makes a commitment that its employees (including subcontractors) shall handle data and information communicated to them strictly confidentially, according to the rules of confidentiality.

Delivery deadlines

The delivery deadline shall be specified on the Order Form, based on the agreement between the Customer and the Translation Agency. The conditions for meeting the delivery deadline are that the Customer hands over the complete documentation for translation by the deadline agreed, and that the Customer meets the payment terms and other obligations stipulated in the agreement. If the Customer fails to meet the conditions above by the given deadline, then the delivery deadline for the Translation Agency is put back by the number of delay days thus created.

Settlement of legal disputes

Parties shall do their utmost to settle any disputes regarding the services of the Translation Agency between themselves in an amicable manner. In issues not regulated in the present General Contract Conditions, the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code regarding service contracts shall apply. In any other, non-professional type legal disputes arising from the contractual relations, the decision shall be made by the court competent in the city of the Translation Agency’s registered office. If certain provisions of the present contract are invalid or become invalid, it does not relate to the force of the other provisions. In lieu of the invalid provisions (unless the law otherwise stipulates) such rules shall be applied that are the closest to the objective which are the intent of the Parties represented based on their economic goals.